Private Collectors

Bowerbird is the ideal collection management and showcasing tool for private collectors, no matter how big or small the collection. Bowerbird can easily be set up for collectors of any item, from art to antiques, coins to comics, stamps to sports cards and virtually any other piece of personal property!

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Key Benefits for Private Collectors

  • A highly-flexible system means that you can easily customize the system to keep track of any information you would like to, exactly the way you would like to, including unlimited photos, audio, video, documents and more
  • Bowerbird’s easy-to-use interface makes life easy for you or anyone else working on your collection – no need to learn complex new software, Bowerbird is simple and intuitive to start using and keep using
  • Location tracking allows you to keep track of each piece – never scramble trying to find out where you placed an item ever again
beautiful interface

easy to use interface

  • Our system’s responsive, web-based software ensures that all of the information is available at your fingertips on any device, anywhere in the world, at any time
  • With a wide range of options to display your collection online and robust permissioning abilities, you can allow insurance companies, museum staff, auction houses, dealers, friends, family, other collectors, the general public or any other subset of people to view part or all of your collection
  • Sophisticated security options ensure that you can decide who will see what information and that no sensitive information will EVER leak out

  • The loan in/out module removes the usual headaches associated with loaning out pieces of your collection or borrowing pieces from other collections
  • With valuation tools and valuation history reports, tracking the value of the collection, for both internal, insurance or any other purpose, has never been easier
  • Ultimately, the value of any collection goes up as the amount of information attached to each piece increases; without good documentation systems, many collectors find difficulty getting the full value for their pieces at sale time

use from any device
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