Bowerbird is the ideal choice for managing Institutional Collections of any size, from museums to historical societies to corporate/public collections!

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Key Benefits for Institutions

  • A highly-flexible, customizable system improves efficiency by allowing you to easily customize the platform to record of what you need to record, however YOU think about the information
  • Bowerbird’s easy-to-use platform minimizes training requirements for employees and volunteers – no need to learn complex new software, Bowerbird is simple and intuitive to start using and keep using
  • Our Web-based, fully hosted service will save you time and money by significantly cutting down on hardware costs, IT needs and maintenance issues. No more software upgrades, no more waiting months for bug fixes
beautiful interface

easy to use interface

  • Our highly competitive pricing structure allows us to tailor a solution designed to fit your exact needs without the high up-front costs associated with our competitors
  • Putting your collection online and interacting with the public is easy, whether it be to attract more visitors, garner public/private support, or improve public research access. With a wide range of options and robust permissioning abilities, you can tell your story however you would like
  • Sophisticated security standards, the same technology used when handling credit card information, ensures that you can decide who will see what information and that no sensitive information will ever leak out

  • Use the software on whatever device you need to wherever you are - no more taking notes to enter later
  • Whether you're using another collection management software currently or something more customized, the transition is quick and easy. You'll be up and running in no time!
  • Great customer support options mean you'll always receive the help you need. What's more, our customer-centric focus means that you help influence how we build what we build next

use from any device
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