Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bowerbird?
Bowerbird is the leading solution for collectors of all kinds to catalog, manage and display their collections. The Company’s products are Web-based, with no software to install or hardware to buy, and can be accessed from any web-connected device – smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC. Collectors of all kinds can use the software, no matter what type of collection they have.

Why do I even need a tool to manage my collection? My Excel sheet is fine!
As collections grow, keeping track of all of the information associated with each piece of your collection becomes harder and harder. And when it comes time to sell a piece, appraisers all agree on one thing: the more provenance information and history you have for an item, the higher the value it will receive, on average. When loaning pieces out, nothing makes curators happier than finding out that a wealth of information exists at their fingertips to better showcase your items.

Is Bowerbird right for my collection?
Big or small, no matter the object you collect, there is a Bowerbird package that is right for your collection. Whether you have 50 items or 50,000 items, the Company’s software is built with scalability and flexibility in mind. The Company’s software is a perfect fit for a wide variety of collections, including:
  • Antiques
  • Art
  • Automobiles
  • Books & Manuscripts
  • Clothing
  • Coins
  • Comics
  • Dolls & Bears
  • Entertainment Memorobilia
  • Historical Memorobilia
  • Jewelry
  • Linens & Textiles
  • Maps, Atlases & Globes
  • Militaria
  • Musical Instruments
  • Music (LPs, CDs, etc.)
  • Nature & Animals
  • Pottery & Glass
  • Rocks, Fossils & Minerals
  • Sports Memorobilia & Cards
  • Stamps
  • Technology
  • Toys & Games
  • Any Other Collectible!
How do I know that my data is secure? Will I be able to share certain details with certain people?
At Bowerbird, security and personal data are serious subjects. We use the latest in Web-based security technology and meet the highest possible standards. You decide how much access to grant each individual user on your account. To learn more about how important this topic is to us and how much we’ve done to provide you with the best possible safeguards, please visit our page on Security.

Why should I choose a Web-based system for my collection vs. standard software?
Many collection management systems continue to be deployed via desktop software CDs. Unfortunately, this has a variety of downsides:
  • Desktop software requires the customer to buy new software every time a bug needs to be fixed or an update needs to be made, which can often mean waiting a long time to fix significant issues or wasting hundreds and thousands of dollars to fix something that the company should fix for free. By using Web-based software, updates can be made instantly and don’t require the purchase of a new software version
  • Installing new desktop software updates can lead to more unforeseen issues on a customer-by-customer basis; by using Web-based software, Bowerbird is able to quickly respond to any customer-specific problems when updating
  • Providing support for desktop software can be more difficult – it generally requires a technician remotely connecting to your device and operating it without your control in order to fix an issue. Through the use of Web-based software, the Company is able to quickly and easily fix any customer issue without draining the customer’s time or energy
  • Desktop software requires the sale of expensive licenses, without the knowledge of whether the software will be right for the user. By offering more flexible pricing options, including month-to-month, potential users are able to try out Web-based software with a lower financial commitment.

Will I have difficulty using Bowerbird?
Bowerbird has been designed with ease of use in mind, with a focus on a logical user interface and an intuitive user experience. However, as with any software, users will inevitably have questions on the system. To serve customer needs, all accounts come with email support and the Company has developed a comprehensive set of self-help user guides. Additionally, phone support is available as a package to help out with anything else that might come up.

I like my current website and don’t want to use one of your templates – can I do that?
Absolutely! Bowerbird’s API is able to plug into virtually any front-end website. Please call us to discuss our integration process; this can be done on the customer side or by Bowerbird’s team for an additional fee.

I don’t want to do X; can you help me do it?
Of course! We offer a variety of premium services to eliminate those tasks that you don’t wish to perform. Want us to upload and categorize your items? Happy to do it! Want us to design custom reports? Can do! If you have a question about a task that you would like done for you that is not currently listed, please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

I no longer want to use Bowerbird – will I lose all of my data?
Absolutely not. As a valued customer, you are welcome to stop using our products at any time. At the end of your service period, we will provide you with options to either download your data from the Company’s servers or receive a copy of the information on an external hard drive.