Standard with every Bowerbird account:

  • Flexible, customizable, easy-to-use collection management tools with fully customizable objects, fields and sections
  • Unlimited uploading and display of images
  • Bulk update/merging tools
  • Powerful searching and sorting functionality
  • Lists management
  • Storage Location management
  • Standard data import
  • 1-click services
  • Access to our library of training guides
  • Email support (8am - 8pm PT) & Live Chat support

Premium services available to all Bowerbird members:

  • Kick-off phone consultation 
  • Data import 
  • Live phone/online training 
  • Image enhancements 
  • Data entry 
  • Valuation 
  • Custom data import 
  • Regular and premium phone support options

Flexible options to meet the needs of collectors, dealers, corporations, universities, museums, galleries and auction houses of any size:

  • Multi-user collaboration & security management 
  • Document libraries (PDF, Word, Excel, MP3, etc.) 
  • Videos 
  • Advanced criteria search capability 
  • Data export and printing 
  • Accessions Manager 
  • Contact Manager & Contact Picker 
  • QR Codes 
  • 2-step authentication 
  • Valuation Tracking module 
  • eCommerce & eBay capabilities 
  • Advanced and custom reporting 
  • Standard, premium and custom viewing/showcasing website options 
  • Anything. Really, anything.