Key Benefits

  • Connect with and show off your collection to prospective buyers, dealers, appraisers, other collectors and more with ease!
  • Never lose track of important information on any piece ever again
  • Simple and intuitive to start using and keep using
  • Remove the usual headaches associated with loaning out pieces of your collection
  • The value of your collection goes up as the amount of information attached to each piece increases; without good documentation systems, many collectors find difficulty getting the full value for their pieces at sale time
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beautiful interface

Key Features

easy to use interface
Easy-to-use interface
The Company’s products provide its customers with a simple and intuitive interface that allows them to easily manage their collections. Easily upload and embed pictures, audio, video, text, pdfs and more. Categorize and search for anything without a headache. Quickly enable viewers to bid on and/or purchase items in your collection or anything related you’d like to sell. With no software to install, no updates to make (everything occurs on our end – just log in and you’ll be using the latest version) and no special hardware to buy, we have focused on making our system as user-friendly as possible. With a robust help center, email support and optional phone support, any questions can be answered in a matter of minutes.

Total flexibility
With so many easily customizable options, the Company has built a system that allows anyone from a stamp collector with 50 stamps in his collection to a collector of ancient pottery with tens of thousands of pieces to make simple adjustments to fit his or her needs.

Ability to manage and view the collection from any device, anywhere with an internet connection
Using the latest in responsive design and cloud technology, the Company has been able to design a system that can be managed from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Additionally, Bowerbid has worked tirelessly to ensure that your collection will be displayed beautifully and elegantly, no matter what device someone uses to view it. Imagine buying a piece in Vietnam, instantly cataloging it to add it to your collection back in Texas and easily showing it off to another collector in Hong Kong – anything’s possible with BowerBird!

use from any device

mobile friendly
Highly-secure platform
Bowerbird has designed its software with security in mind. With the sophisticated use of private, personalized keys, multiple levels of security on uploaded media and information, the ability to create customizable levels of information viewing/editing and more, the Company has designed its software to allow customers to rest easy and ensure that only the information he or she wants to be shared will be shared.

Highly scalable
No matter how many items you wish to showcase, we have options to fit your needs. Our system will grow and develop with your collection, ensuring you can easily make global changes which will save you from re-entering large amounts of information.

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